Fact Check

Dubious Denver Debate Declarations I caught only the last half of the first presidential debate last night. What I found was that, except for their presentations, both presidential hopefuls pretty much delivered the same message. What was the message? “As a matter of fact, ‘Facts don’t matter.’” That’s too bad. In terms of presentation, Willard,Continue reading “Fact Check”

The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 6

If Darwin and Wallace could co-labor, can’t we? I have certain basic beliefs – Science and religion are both metanarratives whose validities hinge on the way they are acted out. ‘Just so’ stories are not properly basic ever, at any time in any narrative. Everything is a metaphor for everything else. (Therefore) ‘Truth’ may best be encapsulatedContinue reading “The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 6”

The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 4

What truth is not informs what it is The truth is, I am unschooled in interpreting art. Perhaps the artist, François Lemoyne, anticipated that general fact with the title of this his final painting– Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy (1737). Mssr. Lemoyne completed the painting June 3, 1737 and on the following day successfully stabbed himselfContinue reading “The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 4”

Crying in the Wilderness

So they said to him, “Who are you? We need an answer! What do you have to say for yourself?”