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Art·is·an … (p. 3)

I put my little creation into an old Amazon box and addressed it to its new home. (Ideas feel sort of like children, but most of them don’t grow up and move away. So perhaps they’re more like gametes…) It too went to the UPS store but with hope instead of despair. On to what’s next!

I had decided to start machining right away. The little old round ram is going to require plenty of repair work, but cutting six more brass parts is not likely to add much further damage. Planning out and executing the steps to convert a bar of metal into precise metal parts, I began to see the world in a slightly different way… I noticed that clamping the little parts into the machinist vise made them change in length by 0.001 inch. The change went away when the part was un-clamped. I only have ±5 of those little inch-fractions to spare before my effort is in vain, so this was a nerve-wracking discovery.

In an attempt to put off the vanity of 0.005 inches as long as possible, I began to slow down. Check and double check. Imagine all the possible ways to remove metal, and how to finish with a good part. It was like chess except it wasn’t a game because the result would be helpful to somebody else. Win-win.

Everywhere I turn − something that works, something that moves, something that breaths– something is made up of parts that fit together in fantastic detail.


adjective /fanˈtastik/

  1. Imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality
    • – novels are capable of mixing fantastic and realistic elements
  2. Of extraordinary size or degree
    • – the prices were fantastic, far higher than elsewhere
  3. (of a shape or design) Bizarre or exotic; seeming more appropriate to a fairy tale than to reality or practical use
    • – visions of a fantastic, mazelike building
  4. Extraordinarily good or attractive
    • – your support has been fantastic

“Fantastic detail of reality”… ‘practical’ is ‘imaginitive’… ‘mundane’ is ‘exotic’…

If we slow down, check and double check, imagine the possible ways, we might begin to see the world in a slightly different way. I occasionally am able to glimpse the intimate connection of the ordinary to the fantastic. This is the joy of craft.

The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 6

If Darwin and Wallace could co-labor, can’t we?

I have certain basic beliefs –

  • Science and religion are both metanarratives whose validities hinge on the way they are acted out.
  • ‘Just so’ stories are not properly basic ever, at any time in any narrative.
  • Everything is a metaphor for everything else.
  • (Therefore) ‘Truth’ may best be encapsulated within ‘Myth’.
  • (So that) Even our most basic understanding of physical reality, e.g. ‘matter’ may be viewed as mythological.

Everything I ‘know’, I know by ‘faith’.

I think it would be nice if you would share…

Crying in the Wilderness

So they said to him, “Who are you? We need an answer! What do you have to say for yourself?”

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