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When facts change

John Maynard Keynes -NY Times/UPI

When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do sir?

– John Maynard Keynes

Republicans are not supposed to agree with Baron Keynes, just as Democrats are not supposed to agree with Allan Greenspan. All the same, Democrat President William Clinton agreed with Greenspan enough to re-appoint him chairman of the Federal Reserve. And Republican candidate Willard Romney agreed with Keynes enough to use his words.

I am personally not a fan of President William Clinton, nor am I a fan of candidate Willard Romney (and it has nothing to do with their first names or party affiliations). But I applaud their willingness to borrow ideas from ideologies that they largely oppose.

In a similar way, I applaud Ben Shalom Bernanke’s borrowing of the Greenspan Put. (I also really like that fellow’s name. “Ben Shalom” means literally, “son of peace.”) On the other hand, over-use of this trading tactic was one likely cause of the housing bubble, and I am not happy at all about sitting in my living room with a metaphorical snorkel.

Of course, reality does not change. It is our perception of the ‘facts’ (not the facts themselves) that change. Our perception of the facts can be influenced by how they are presented to us, so we had better be careful to do some fact-checking on our own, no matter how much we like the source. The best guard against mis-perception of reality I know is to begin with the broadest possible perspective and then ‘zoom in’ on a case-by-case basis as the facts warrant.

Here are a couple of good tools for zooming…

…that you might want to book-mark for this Fall.

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