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There oughta be a…

Complaints to the government are up sharply about unwanted phone solicitations, raising questions about how well the federal “do-not-call” registry is working. The biggest category of complaint: those annoying prerecorded pitches called robocalls that hawk everything from lower credit card interest rates to new windows for your home.

So, the way it is supposed to work in this society is that when some sort of noxious behavior gets bad enough, we complain to our lawmakers who, when the lobbying gets strong enough, enact a law. We have such a law against unwanted telemarketing. We also have laws against running red lights, passing on the shoulder, bank fraud, insider trading, …

… but only nice people obey laws, so we have telemarkers, redlight runners, passers on the shoulder, fraudulent bankers, inside traders, … a whole host of human beings who want to get ahead at others’ expense.

One solution is enforcement. Enforcement leads to higher taxes, police brutality, choked court systems and overcrowded prisons.

Another solution is vigilantism. Except for certain survivialists, e.g., the ones with huge stocks of weapons and ammunition, we moderns take a dim view of that method.

I propose a third solution: Talk up noxious behavior as extremely un-cool.

Ever seen a fellow with one pant leg hiked? He was unwittingly copying somebody who rode a bicycle with street clothes who didn’t want to get chainring grease on his pants. I used to get a kick out of the poseurs who rolled up their left pant leg.

How about people who wear their pants around their thighs, with three pairs of boxers over a pair of briefs? Those guys are mimicking some ‘cool’ person who lives on the street and cannot afford clothes that fit.

I say, why not find that cool homeless person and give them some decently fitting clothes?

I say, those of us who have ‘made it’ need to engage young people in a way that makes them want to emulate us, not some skanky drug dealer. Come on, we’re smart people, can’t we be as engaging as a skanky drug dealer?

I have a friend who combats telemarketers by talking to them. He asks them how their day is going, how many sales they’ve made, talks about his family (no names, of course) and so on… knowing that they don’t like to hang up on people. So, he just keeps them talking and talking, wasting their time, never letting them get to their sales pitch. I like that method.

The other day a door-to-door salesman knocked on my door. I live in a private community with gates and a big sign that reads, “…” Well, you know what it reads. Still they come. So this fellow human rings my doorbell and I answer it. He starts in with some well-rehearsed line to engage me and I change the subject.

He goes back to his line of lingo.

I change the subject.

He goes back to his line of lingo.

I say, “We’re not really listening to each other,” and frown my saddest frown. (Playacting, of course.)

He stops his lingo. I close my door.

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