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The Art and Craft of Love

I love my wife, Debi. She’s my best friend in this whole world, but that’s not what this is about. This is about how I love my wife.

I carry a field notebook so that I can jot down designs, thoughts, notions, numbers, and groceries. Here is an entry from last week…

I have been knowing you now for two years.

It has now come to the point where I hang onto everything you do –The concept of not liking something you do is meaningless to me– if you do it, I love it.

“If you do it, I love it.”

If you do it, I want to know about it, so I can appreciate you more.

I enjoy unpacking your mannerisms. It’s like Christmas morning to a child, except it’s every morning, every afternoon, every evening … of every day.

I first noticed this attitude during love-making… If you do it, I love it. So everyday life is like making love now.

You are sitting & talking to K___ with your legs propped onto my lap and I am turned on!

“I love you” is less descriptive than “You are my life now.”

You are my life now.

All your warts, all your scars, all your aches & pains.

The way you clasp your hands, the way your toenail polish goes only half-way down your toenails.

So life is like making love and making love is like prayer.

Praying is like conversation.

Conversation is like life.

Being – simply being – with you (when I am aware of it) gives me butterflies in my chest.

A couple separate events caused me to decide to share this:

  1. I discovered Debi sharing the journal entry with a friend. When I asked her why she would share my private note with another she explained, “I wanted her to know what it is like to be loved.”
  2. I happened to read a review for the couple’s how-to book, Slow Sex. (I chuckled at one reviewer’s comment, “Just not feeling it right now.” You can’t make this stuff up!)

We bought the book, by the way… (;

I love to make things; I love craft. It turns out that making a relationship is very much a craft (the way we do it, at least). The cool thing about my wife is that she too is passionate about crafting our relationship.

I hope everyone would know what it is like to be loved.

Crying in the Wilderness

So they said to him, “Who are you? We need an answer! What do you have to say for yourself?”

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