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Redefining ‘Service’

I am having a problem understanding the modern use of the word, service. I have always wanted to use it as a synonym for “helping a fellow out” but I think that it’s come to mean something more like a shot to start a point – You toss yourself a soft one and then try to smash it down your adversary’s throat after calling out, “Service!

Consider, for example, the US Postal Service. These are the people who invented the ZIP code (a good idea). This past week had been set aside for meandering, so I went to the USPS website to ask them to please hold my mail. I was doing this as a favor for them not me, by the way. I started to fill out the address form on my ‘smart phone’ but couldn’t finish because the form had a scroll box widget for states that wouldn’t accept keyboard input and wouldn’t operate properly using the Android OS.

But wait!

I shouldn’t need to enter the state (or the city, for that matter) since I know my ZIP code. But the Postal Service can’t even use their own invention in order to serve themselves, evidently. So not only does their website not correctly serve all browsers (and remember, smart phones will soon outnumber laptops, if they don’t already) they don’t even serve their own bottom line effectively.

Really, I shouldn’t pick on the USPS; they have plenty of problems that were caused by other public servants (see: Can Post Office Be Saved?). So, let’s move on to the trip itself. We were traveling to Texarkana from Spring (TX) and then on to Conway (AR). I knew of a Starbucks in Lufkin (TX) and Debi had to freshen up -the dog as well- so we decided to stop for a cuppa’.

I waited patiently in line for my $2 cup of coffee that was ljunken. I waited patiently in line again to tell the barista, “It’s not hot.” She took my coffee, tossed it in the trash and gave me another. This time I didn’t wait. Sampling it from my place in line, I replied, “This one’s not hot either.” She distractedly smiled, looked cornered and said, “Well we don’t have a microwave.” The bathrooms were clean, however, and they had “Oven-warmed Food.”

Note to self, “So does MacDonald’s.”

Onward. Our ultimate destination in Conway was a Valentine’s day celebration with family. Debi’s daughter’s fella made reservations for six at Ruby Tuesday. Sounds great doesn’t it? Ruby Tuesday on Valentine’s Tuesday. We arrived and were seated in a reasonable amount of time. So far, so good. But then… Oy!

The net result was we got partially comp’d with free food and the manager came over to apologize. Pretty standard stuff; they’ve a written procedure for that I suspect. I playfully pointed out to the superficially penitent manager it seemed pretty hard to believe he was surprised by the large crowd on Feb 14, since it should happen every year.

A couple of the more genteel family members spoke in agreement that I was hard on the poor clod.  Trying to stay pertinent, I remarked, “I was just trying to help the fellow out.”

Service! […smash!]

Crying in the Wilderness

So they said to him, “Who are you? We need an answer! What do you have to say for yourself?”

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