Moderate Mitt Makes his Move


I keep asking myself, “How did Mr. Romney get to be a Republican governor of Massachusetts?”

Just to make sure I was working with the right numbers, I went to the web page of William F. Galvin, Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is the home state of the Kennedy Clan, Tip O’Neill, Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas and John Kerry. Sure enough, Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by about a 3:1 margin. They have in the Commonwealth ever since we’ve had Democrats and Republicans.

So how did those four years as governor go for Mr. Romney? He issued 844 vetoes.

That might mean he didn’t abandon his convictions, but it also definitely means he didn’t exactly persuade the legislative branch to see things his way, either. By the way, Mr. Romney appears to have devoted much thought to the hot-button issue of abortion…

In 2005, Romney revealed a change of view regarding abortion, moving from the “unequivocal” pro-choice position expressed during his 2002 campaign to a pro-life one in opposition to Roe v. Wade. Romney attributed his conversion to an interaction with Harvard University biologist Douglas Melton, an expert on embryonic stem cell biology, although Melton vehemently disputes Romney’s recollection of their conversation. Romney subsequently vetoed a bill on pro-life grounds that expanded access to emergency contraception in hospitals and pharmacies (the legislature overrode the veto).


Edit: So, Mitt got elected Governor of Massachusetts by convincing the voters he was a moderate Republican.

Politicians who change their views to match their constituents’ do not worry me– it is politicians who ignore their constituents’ views that worry me.

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So they said to him, “Who are you? We need an answer! What do you have to say for yourself?”

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