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My wife is a nurse who works with troubled adolescents. Her work week is Saturday, Sunday and Monday –and she works full-time– so those are long days for her. I try to prepare her breakfast promptly at 6:20 on those mornings and I try to have a nice dinner waiting for when she gets home, sometime between 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., depending on how difficult the problems were that day. She works hard and passionately in a high-stress environment because she has a passion for kids and compassion for the least the last and the lost. Yesterday was an easier day for her, thank God, because yesterday I let her down.

Photo: Douglas James Davenport, Jr.

My new friend, Rob, the guy who made the brass housings for me, stopped by in the afternoon so we could work on his camper couch. Earlier in the week he had suffered a mishap with his camper that would need attention first, so we started on that. It took longer than expected (doesn’t it always?) to finish the repairs. I glanced at my watch… 6:00.

I asked Rob, “Do you want to get started on the couch?

Rob, “How long do you think it will take?”

Me, “We’ll probably get darked-out.”

Rob, “Let me call my wife.”

I was supposed to have gone grocery shopping, and Debi would be home as early as eight o’clock. I even got a blatant hint when Rob said, “Let me call …,” but I was on a mission. It was the wrong mission.

Debi texted me at 8:03, “Headed home.” I insincerely replied, “Yay!” We hadn’t finished the couch frame, I hadn’t been to the store and nothing was prepared for supper. My precious nurse came home from her twelve hour shift to find Rob’s truck in her parking spot and me darkly driving screws inside it. She said, “I’m going to take Bobby (my God-son) and go get a pizza.”

We didn’t really finish, so much as stop. Rob buzzed off to his family and I drifted inside for a glass of wine without mine. I realized: I’m a real bad man.


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