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Art·is·an … (conclusion)

Once again, the test results of the prototype antenna are mixed, but definitely encouraging (see plot). Without the matching network, the gain of the new design is significantly better than what is currently available. But with the matching network, the thing sucked. It’s just a matching network, so I’m sure I’ll get it right eventually.  But if you average out the peaks and valleys, my design’s minimum gain is on par with the current design’s maximum gain. Sweet.


It turns out that ‘artisan’ is also used to describe a personality type by David Keirsey, author of the book, Please Understand Me. I am tempted to buy copies of the book just so I can point to the cover and then hand it over to my interlocutor.

Here’s a snippet from the Wikipedia article:

Artisans are concrete in speech and utilitarian in pursing their goals. Their greatest strength is tactical variation. … As the stimulation-seeking temperament, Artisans prefer to live one day at a time. … They tend to seek work involving operations and equipment… Since Artisans feel a need to make an impact and to be spontaneous, they become stressed when their ability to do these things becomes constrained.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling chaffed by constraints lately. But the antenna idea wasn’t crazy– as a matter of fact it’s more than a 3× improvement over the previous best effort. I know what I know: I could help, if I could just get a chance, if I could just get a look. I would like to get a look, please. What do I have to do to get that chance?

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