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The Myth of Matter, p. 6

The “Conflict Thesis”

Looking back down the timeline from the perspective of the late 1800’s with the clarity of hindsight one could easily say, “Democritus and Wycliffe (… Copernicus and Galileo…) were right, and religious orthodoxy was wrong.” [1]

Should we then make the inference that religion –and in particular, Christianity– is the enemy of science?

“The conflict thesis proposes an intrinsic intellectual conflict between religion and science based on what its authors considered to be historical evidence of perpetual opposition between religion and science. … Despite recent scholarly reevaluation, the conflict thesis remains a popular view among the general public.”[2]

He probably knew better than believe his own thesis.

This idea, unsupported by modern scholarship, was put forth by a handful of 19th century thinkers (John W. Draper, Andrew D. White, Washington Irving). I will have more to say about these fellows in a subsequent post, perhaps.

Should we make the inference then that science is the enemy of religion?

[1] It turns out that “religious orthodoxy,” in view of what was done to Joan d’Arc or Giordano Bruno, did not treat these guys too badly.

[2] Wikipedia//Conflict thesis


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