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The Blind Men and the Elephant, p. 5

Charles Robert Darwin

‘Evolution: Charles Darwin’s brilliant theory that explains how species adapt and change.’

It’s been called the best idea anyone ever had. [NOVA]

Alfred Russel Wallace

Darwin knew his idea had simultaneously been ‘had’ by another man, a socially less well-connected man, Alfred Wallace. Evidently, this did not trouble either man, because they corresponded throughout Darwin’s lifetime.

Darwin (who enjoyed  a relatively prosperous life) campaigned for Wallace (who suffered financially) to receive a government pension in recognition of his colleague’s achievements in the field of natural science.

The two men differed on certain details of the theory– Wallace saw the environment as a kind of feedback mechanism that controlled speciation. Wallace saw evidence of teleology in evolution. Wallace became a spiritualist, while Darwin became an atheist.

Have we heard so much more today about Darwin than Wallace because of these differences, one wonders?


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