Antenna Guru

RF is not 'black magic' – It's Synthesis, Optimization, Analysis and Realization.

Target Practice

Good Morning,

My name is Mark Ingalls. I am an electrical engineer with 28 years’ experience in RF and microwave design, most recently specializing in antennas. I have been self-employed since separating from Spectrum Control last year.

Some of my clients have hired me to troubleshoot problems with their current antennas. Others have hired me to survey antennas currently on the market that are viable for their application. Every so often I develop a totally new antenna that is then patentable for my client.

To be honest I am an engineer not a salesperson with a smooth delivery. I struggle with being self-employed and marketing my abilities.  But I am contacting you to see if you have need of such services. (To my non-technical friends, I explain what I do this way: I am a sharpshooter who targets antenna problems.)

I worked for Spectrum Control for 12 years. Seven of those years were “on location” in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The last five years I worked remotely from Houston. My wife had terminal cancer and wished to come back to Houston to be near her family. Some things are more important than a career and this was one of them. I gave Spectrum six weeks notice to find my replacement. Five weeks into the notice, they came to me and said something like, “You keep solving our problems and we’ll keep depositing your checks.” It worked beautifully, given the situation. We utilized conference calls, emails, telephone calls and helped keep Fedex in business.

After my wife died, Spectrum wanted me to relocate back to Pennsylvania but my life was here in Houston so I declined. We continued for several months and then Spectrum merged with API Technologies. I think it must have come into play somehow… it might have been hard to explain why they had a lone employee hanging out in Texas. So, Spectrum gave me a generous severance package and we went our separate ways. I am sure if I would relocate to Pennsylvania and they had an opening for an antenna engineer, they would employ me again.


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